As a Managed Service Provider, SNATEK will monitor and manage your network remotely and automatically maintain it using breakthrough technology. Your systems can be monitored and supported seamlessly.
You can automate and eliminate your day-to-day IT hassles by implementing an SNATEK MSP package. Move away from the break-fix approach and be pro-active!

SNA Managed Services, provide a unified set of tools that proactively monitor, manage and control IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently from an integrated Web based platform such as: Labtech, Kaseya, GFIMax, Logmein, GotoAssist etc …

Some of the tasks that can be automated and regulated our managed services are:

Alerting and monitoring
Improve your insight into system health and status, such as CPU usage, memory utilization, Online /Offline status or hardware/software changes, to proactively address potential issues and prevent service interruptions. Understand immediately where attention is needed and why.

Report on account, device and session data across all of your computers and Internet-connected devices.

Policy Management
– Desktop Standard Management
– User settings

Inventory Asset Management
– Software and License audit
– System configuration
– Compliance

Real time Anti Virus and Malware protection

Backup and Disaster Recovery
– Fully-automated real-time backup
– Fully-automated off-site replication
– Fast and easy recoveries
– Online Backup

Software and license deployment

Automatic easy and fast patch deployment

Onsite visits and troubleshooting included in most packages

Remote Support and Assistance

Using an MSP solution can give you peace of mind and can be cost effective, as you can outsource your IT department, reduce workforce and save on maintenance costs by being proactive. Your systems are monitored 24/7 and have scheduled tasks performed seamlessly.

Give us a call for a demonstration or for more information on Remote Managed Services.